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Guest in friendly Bergen, Norway
Be carefull with parking your car, an example

Bergen is a nice city in the western part of Norway. The town is interesting, the nature fantastic. But when you visit the city by car you may get troubles in short time. Also in the neighbourhood of a hotel when you think you have found a place to take out your lugage to your room you are not sure it's OK for a while. Notice the word Gjest=guest.
Check if this is ment for you as visitor of the hotel. If not: disappear immediately.

When you reach a place opposite your hotel, like Hordaheimen; don't bring your luggage in your room, for it might take too long time. So put your luggage only inside and drive to the P-house in the neighbourhood.




Why this page?
We had the experience ourselvs, checked the information both at the local police, the local governement and Security Park a.s. We like to avoid that more visitors of Bergen get the same experience. Read  here an article about somebody from Norway. We payed Nkr.710 for only some minute parking too long.
Notice the word Gjeste (=guest). it's not sure it's for you: look at the name of the hotel and check carefully if you are at the right place. Look how many people you see at the reception. Try to find out if you get a paper within 9 minutes; then you have 1 minute left to go back to your car.

This is how it works in Bergen
Security Park a.s. is driving around. They make a picture of your car; they wait 10 minites and than an electronic message is send out to the headquarter in Oslo (also a very nice town in Norway). In some seconds a yellow paper is coming out of the miniprinter of the controller.
If you ever meet this person, do'nt try to discuss about your intention. He is only doing his work and the headquarter has already started the procedure for payment. Security Park a.s. likes to work with students as employé.
Before you leave the country you pay your bill: mostly Nkr. 710. Do you have a creditcard, you pay not only Nkr. 710 but Nkr. 60 in addition. Anyhow you have to pay within 14 days. Euro Parking in London will collect for cardrivers in all countries of the world.

Have a nice time in Bergen.

Use the Bergen card; it avoids much trouble: free local transport, or lower fares for attractions, museums, culture, sightseeing, restauranter and parking.

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You find them both in C. Sundtsgate.

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And how was your experience with your car in Bergen?
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This page will stay under construction; new information will be added continuerly. Security Park AS is a well equiped organisation since 2002; with their slogan: 'nothing is for us too big or too small' the organisation had a very fast development.



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